SSU Publications

Year Author Title Publication type
2016 B.I Concadie Ranking perceived risk to farmers: How important is the environment? Journal article
2017 B.I Concadie The implications of a weak public extension service for the productivity performance of Karoo agriculture Journal article
2015 Conradie, B.I., Landman, A.M. Wool versus mutton in extensive grazing areas. Journal article
2015 Beatrice Conradie The Koup fencing project: Community-led job creation in the Karoo. Journal article
2015 Beatrice Conradie Jackal Narratives: The politics and science of predator control in the Western Cape, South Africa. Journal article
2015 Beatrice Conradie Productivity benchmarking of free-range sheep operations: Technical efficiency, correlates of productivity and dominant technology variants for Laingsburg, South Africa. Journal article
2014 Olderbak, S. G., Gladden, P., Wolf P. S. A., & Figueredo, A. J. Comparison of Life History Strategy Measures Journal article
2014 Figueredo, A. J., Wolf, P. S. A., Olderbak, S. G., Gladden, P. R., Fernandes, H. B. F. The Psychometric Assessment of Human Life History Strategy: A Meta- Analytic Construct Validation Journal article
2014 Jeremy Seekings and Kai Thaler Violence and socio-economic conditions in Cape Town, South Africa Journal article
2014 Paul Anthony Bowen, Rajen Govender, Peter J. Edwards & Keith Cattell An integrated model of HIV/AIDS testing behaviour in Journal article
2014 Bowen, P., Govender, R., and Edwards, P. Structural Equation Modeling of Occupational Stress in the Construction Industry Journal article
2014 Kader, R., Seedat, S., Govender, R., Koch, JR., Parry, CH. Hazardous and harmful use of alcohol and/or other drugs and health status among South African patients attending HIV clinics Journal article
2014 Myers, B., Petersen, Z., Kader, R., Koch, R., Manderscheid, R, Govender, R., Parry, CH. Identifying perceived barriers to monitoring service quality among substance abuse treatment providers in South Africa Journal article
2013 Conradie, B.I., Piesse, J. The effect of predator culling on livestock losses: Ceres, South Africa, 1979 – 1987 Journal article
2013 Black, A., Conradie, B Growing trees in the desert: Declining Government Agricultural...and The Unfavourable Context for Land Reform. Conference presentation
2013 Garcia, M., Conradie, B. An estimate of the recreational value of the Agulhas Plain, South Africa, with special reference to the value of plant biodiversity. Journal article
2012 Valsasina, L., Melis, N., Conradie,B. Feasibility of biogas from cattle feedlots in South Africa (Poster) Conference presentation
2012 Conradie, B., Piesse, J., Vink N., Thirtle,C., Winter, K. Explaining the poor productivity perfomance of the Karoo, 1952 - 2002. (Poster) Conference presentation
2012 Thom, A. Conradie, B. Urban agriculture's enterprise potential: The demand for and viability of vegetable box schemes in Cape Town Conference presentation
2012 Conradie, B. Is lethal control of predators an effective strategy against livestock losses?: Ceres hunting club, 1979 to 1987 Conference presentation
2012 Midgley, A., Conradie, B. The viability of sustainable wildflower harvesting as a business opportunity Conference presentation
2012 Monteiro, S., Newham, M., Conradie, B Pay as you throw: A model for minimising household waste in Cape Town (Poster) Conference presentation
2012 Gemma Oberth Who Governs Public Health? Donor Retreat and the Shifting Spheres of Influence in Southern African HIV/AIDS Policy Making Journal article
2012 Elena Moore Renegotiating Roles Post-Divorce: A decisive break from tradition? Journal article
2012 Elena Moore Paternal Banking and Maternal Gatekeeping: Gendered Practises in Post-divorce Families Journal article
2012 Singumbe Muyeba and Jeremy Seekings Slum Dwellers to Freeholders: Homeownership and Neighbourly Relations in Poor Post-Apartheid Urban Neighbourhoods of Cape Town Journal article
2012 Beatrice Conradie Are hunting clubs the solution to small stock depredation?The cases of Ceres,1979 and 1980 Journal article
2012 Jan Schenk and Jeremy Seekings Locating Generation X:Taste and Identity in Transitional South Africa Chapter in book
2014 Jeremy Seekings Taking disadvantage seriously: The "underclass" in post-apartheid South Africa Journal article
2013 Figueredo, A. J., S.G.Olderbak, G.L.Schlomer, R.A.Garcia and Pedro Wolf Program Evaluation Chapter in book