Research Publications

Year Author Title Publication type
2013 Theresa Alfaro-Velcamp From Uncle Mustafa to Auntie Rana: Journeys to Mexico,the United States, and Lebanon Chapter in book
2014 Jeremy Seekings Taking disadvantage seriously: The "underclass" in post-apartheid South Africa Journal article
2014 Jeremy Seekings The social and political implications of demographic change in post-apartheid South Africa Journal article
2013 Figueredo, A. J., S.G.Olderbak, G.L.Schlomer, R.A.Garcia and Pedro Wolf Program Evaluation Chapter in book
2013 G.Oberth and P.Tucker Count Us In:The need for more comprehensive global data on HIV/AIDS prevention,testing and knowledge among LGBT populations Chapter in book
2013 Pippa Norris and Robert Mattes Does Ethnicity Dertermine Support for the Governing Party? Chapter in book
2013 Kevin Donovan The Biometric Imaginary: Standardization & Objectivity in Post-Apartheid Welfare Working paper
2013 Jan Schenk and Jeremy Seekings Locating Generation X: Taste and Identity in Transitional South Africa Chapter in book
2013 Nicoli Nattrass The South African Variety of Capitalism Chapter in book
2013 Robert Mattes Asocial Cohesion: Political Community and Social Capital in Africa's Democratizing Societies Chapter in book
2013 Robert Mattes and Carlos Shenga Uncritical Citizenship in a Low-Information Society:Mozambicans in Comparative Pespective Chapter in book
2013 Collette Schulz-Herzenberg The Implications of Social Context Partisan Homogeneity for Voting Behaviour: Survey Evidence from South Africa Conference presentation
2013 Nathan Geffen South Africans are living longer: Antiretroviral treatment vindicated Journal article
2013 Wolf Pedro, Aurelio J. Figueredo and W. Jakes Jacobs Global positioning system technology (GPS) for psychological research: A test of convergent and nomological validity Journal article
2012 Annabelle Wienand Potraits,Publics and Politics:Gisele Wulfsohn's photographs of HIV/AIDS,1987-2007 Journal article
2013 Annabelle Wienand David Goldblatt: In times of AIDS Journal article
2013 Amy Thom and Beatrice Conradie Urban Agriculture's enterprise potential:Exploring vegatable box schemes in Cape Town Journal article
2013 Carlos Shenga Enhancing Executive -Legislative Accountability in Mozambique Journal article
2013 Carlos Shenga Legaslative Institutionalization in Mozambique: A Comparative Analysis of Three Legislatures Journal article
2013 Jeremy Seekings Is the South Brazilian?The public realm in urban Brazil through a comparative lens Journal article
2013 Nicoli Nattrass A South African Variety of Capitalism? Journal article
2013 Nicoli Nattrass US Foreign Aid and the African AIDS epidemic Journal article
2013 Nicoli Nattrass Understanding the origins and prevalence of AIDS conspirancy beliefs in the United States and South Africa Journal article
2013 Elena Moore and Rajen Govender Marriage and Cohabitation in South Africa:An enriching explanation Journal article
2013 Elena Moore Transmission and Change in South African Motherhood:Black Mothers in Three Generational Cape Town Families Journal article
2013 Jeremy Seekings Democracy, Poverty and Inclusive Growth in South Africa since 1994 Working paper
2013 Rehana Kader,S.Seedat, Rajen Govender, J.R.Koch and C.D.Parry Hazardous and Harmful use of Alcohol and / or Other Drugs and Health Status Among South African Patients Attending HIV Clinics Journal article
2013 Catherine Jury and Nicoli Nattrass Parental presence within households and the impact of antiretroviral therapy in Khayelitsha,Cape Town Journal article
2013 Robyn,Human,Kevin GF Thomas,Anna Dreyer,Alysaa R. Amod,Pedro Wolf and W. Jake Jacobs Acute psychosocial stress enhances visuospatial in healthy males Journal article
2013 Elizabeth Gummerson and Daniel Schneider Eat,Drink,Man,Woman:Gender,Income Share and Household Expenditure in South Africa Journal article