Research Publications

Year Author Title Publication type
2014 Nattrass, N Meeting the Challenge of Unemployment? Journal article
2014 Nattrass, N A South African Variety of Capitalism Journal article
2014 Wienand, Annabelle &Santu Mofokeng Alternative Ways of Seeing (1996-2013) Journal article
2014 Geffen, N., Robinson M., Venter, F. and Low, M One size doesn’t fit all: Tailoring adult antiretroviral treatment Journal article
2014 Nattrass, N The South African Variety of Capitalism’ Chapter in book
2014 Nattrass, N. and V. Varma. Macroeconomics Simplified: An Introduction to Keynesian and Neo-Classical Macroeconomic Systems Book
2014 Nicoli Nattrass, Beatrice Conradie and Inge Conradie The Koup Fencing Project: Community-led Job Creation in the Karoo Working paper
2014 Clara Rubincam Peer educators’ responses to mistrust and confusion about HIV and AIDS science in Khayelitsha, South Africa Working paper
2014 Beatrice Conradie and Jenifer Piesse Productivity benchmarking of free-range sheep operations: Technical efficiency, correlates of productivity and dominant technology variants for Laingsburg, South Africa Working paper
2014 Clara Rubincam Alternative explanations about HIV and AIDS: re-examining distrust among young adults in Cape Town, South Africa Working paper
2014 Nicole Daniels Choosing Care: Negotiating and reconciling interference in narratives of home births Working paper
2014 Kirsty Button South Africa’s system of dispute resolution forums: The role of the family and the state in customary marriage dissolution Working paper
2014 Robert Mattes and Samantha Richmond South Africa’s Youth and Political Participation, 1994-2014 Working paper
2014 Joel D. Barkan and Robert Mattes Why CDFs in Africa?: Representation vs. Constituency Service Working paper
2014 Eduard Grebe Civil society and the state in Uganda’s AIDS response Working paper
2014 Bowen, P., Govender, R., and Edwards, P. Structural Equation Modeling of Occupational Stress in the Construction Industry Journal article
2014 Kader, R., Seedat, S., Govender, R., Koch, JR., Parry, CH. Hazardous and harmful use of alcohol and/or other drugs and health status among South African patients attending HIV clinics Journal article
2014 Myers, B., Petersen, Z., Kader, R., Koch, R., Manderscheid, R, Govender, R., Parry, CH. Identifying perceived barriers to monitoring service quality among substance abuse treatment providers in South Africa Journal article
2013 Cameron, R.G. and Milne Representative Bureaucracy in South Africa Chapter in book
2013 Cameron, R.G. and Milne Size, efficiency and local democracy in South Africa: a preliminary assessment. African journal of public affairs Journal article
2013 Mattes,R.B Systematic, quantitative political science in South Africa: the road less travelled. Journal article
2014 Samuel Telzak Trouble ahead, trouble behind: perceptions of social mobility and economic inequality in Mount Frere, Eastern Cape and Newcastle, Working paper
2014 Jennifer Schwendeman Gendered Educational Participation and Attainment in South Africa Working paper
2013 Conradie, B.I., Piesse, J. The effect of predator culling on livestock losses: Ceres, South Africa, 1979 – 1987 Journal article
2013 Black, A., Conradie, B Growing trees in the desert: Declining Government Agricultural...and The Unfavourable Context for Land Reform. Conference presentation
2013 Garcia, M., Conradie, B. An estimate of the recreational value of the Agulhas Plain, South Africa, with special reference to the value of plant biodiversity. Journal article
2012 Valsasina, L., Melis, N., Conradie,B. Feasibility of biogas from cattle feedlots in South Africa (Poster) Conference presentation
2012 Conradie, B., Piesse, J., Vink N., Thirtle,C., Winter, K. Explaining the poor productivity perfomance of the Karoo, 1952 - 2002. (Poster) Conference presentation
2012 Thom, A. Conradie, B. Urban agriculture's enterprise potential: The demand for and viability of vegetable box schemes in Cape Town Conference presentation
2012 Conradie, B. Is lethal control of predators an effective strategy against livestock losses?: Ceres hunting club, 1979 to 1987 Conference presentation