Research Publications

Year Author Title Publication type
2009 Hannah Lane Factors influencing the decision to voluntarily test for HIV: The perceived threats of being HIV positive Working paper
2009 Daniel Mackintosh The politicisation of HIV/AIDS in South Africa: Responses of the Treatment Action Campaign and South African government, 1994-2004 - A literature review Working paper
2009 Dianna Kane Multi-Dimensional Forms of Poverty Experienced by Unemployed HIV-positive Mothers Living in Khayelitsha Working paper
2009 Brendan Maughan-Brown Changes in HIV-related stigma among young adults in Cape Town, South Africa Working paper
2008 C. Schulz-Herzenberg A silent revolution: South African voters during the first ten years of democracy, 1994-2004 Chapter in book
2008 Nicoli Nattrass AIDS inequality and access to antiretroviral treatment: A comparative analysis Chapter in book
2008 Robert Mattes Public opinion research in new democracies: Are the processes different? Chapter in book
2008 Robert Mattes The material and political bases of of lived poverty in Africa: Insights from the Afrobarometer. Chapter in book
2008 Jo Wreford 'Working with spirit': Experiencing Izingoma healing in contemporary South Africa Book
2005 Jeremy Seekings & Nicoli Nattrass Class, Race, and Inequality in South Africa Book
2009 Eduard Grebe Leaders, networks and coalitions in the AIDS response: A comparison of Uganda and South Africa Working paper
2008 Rachel Bray The influences of AIDS-related morbidity and mortality on change in urban households: An ethnographic study Working paper
2008 Nicoli Nattrass Government Leadership and ARV Provision in Developing Countries Working paper
2008 Jeremy Seekings Beyond ‘Fluidity': Kinship and Households as Social Projects Working paper
2008 Jeremy Seekings The ILO and Social Protection in the Global South, 1919-2005 Working paper
2004 Nicoli Nattrass The Moral Economy of AIDS in South Africa Book
2008 Jeremy Seekings The Rise and Fall of the Weberian Analysis of Class in South Africa between 1949 and the early 1970s Working paper
2008 Nicoli Nattrass The (political) economics of antiretroviral treatment in developing countries Journal article
2007 Nicoli Nattrass Mortal Combat: AIDS denialism and the struggle for antiretrovirals in South Africa Book
2009 Atheendar Venkataramani, Brendan Maughan-Brown, Nicoli Nattrass & Jennifer Ruger Disability grants and individual and household welfare among HAART patients in South Africa Working paper