CSSR Working Papers

Year Author Title Number
2008 Beatrice Conradie and Bronwyn Nortjé Survey of beekeeping in South Africa 221
2008 Nicoli Nattrass Sex, poverty and HIV 220
2008 Nicoli Nattrass Are country reputations for good and bad leadership on AIDS deserved: An exploratory quantitative analysis 219
2008 Eduard Grebe Networks of influence: A theoretical review and proposed approach to AIDS treatment activism 218
2008 Peter Schwardmann A cross-country analysis of the determinants of antiretroviral drug coverage 217
2008 Robert Mattes The material and political bases of lived poverty in Africa: Insights from the Afrobarometer 216
2008 Sumaya Mall Attitudes of HIV positive patients in South Africa to African traditional healers and their practices. 215
2008 Kerry Mauchline Official government justifications and public ARV provision: a comparison of Brazil, Thailand and South Africa. 214
2008 Harriet Deacon AIDS and heritage management in South Africa: The case of traditional male circumcision 213
2008 Carlos Shenga and Robert Mattes “Uncritical citizenship” in a “low-information” society: Mozambicans in Comparative perspective 212
2008 Joanne Wreford Shaming and blaming: Medical myths, traditional health practitioners and HIV/AIDS in South Africa. 211
2008 Joanne Wreford, Monika Esser and Stefan Hippler Involving traditional health practitioners in HIV/AIDS interventions: Lessons from the Western Cape Province. 210
2008 Joanne Wreford Myths, masks and stark realities: traditional African healers, HIV/AIDS narratives and patterns of HIV/AIDS avoidance. 209
2008 Beth Mills ‘Swimming in Confusion’: A Qualitative Appraisal Of Factors Affecting Uptake And Adherence To HAART Through South Africa’s Public Health System. 208
2008 Nadia Oshry Is the Treatment Action Campaign effective? A literature review. 207
2007 Alex Sienaert Examining AIDS-related Adult Mortality in the KwaZulu-Natal Income Dynamics Surveys: Employment, Earnings and Direct Mortality Costs 206
2007 Caroline Kuo and Don Operario Challenging dominant policy paradigms of care for children orphaned by AIDS: Dynamic patterns of care in Kwazulu-Natal, Republic of South Africa. 205
2007 Carlos Shenga Commitment to democracy in Mozambique: performance evaluations and cognition. 204
2007 Per Strand Comparing AIDS Governance: A Research Agenda on Responses to the AIDS Epidemic 203
2007 Jacqueline Borel-Saladin and Owen Crankshaw Social polarisation or professionalisation? Another look at theory and evidence 202
2007 Celeste Coetzee The impact of highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) on employment in Khayelitsha 201
2007 Jeremy Seekings Poverty and inequality after apartheid 200
2007 Jeremy Seekings Racial and class discrimination in assessments of “just desert” in post-apartheid Cape Town 199
2007 Jeremy Seekings Perceptions of class and income in post-apartheid Cape Town 198
2007 Annabelle Wienand The role of HIV literacy – A community health worker perspective 197
2007 Kermyt G Anderson, Ann M Beutel and Brendan Maughan-Brown HIV/AIDS risk perceptions and first sexual intercourse among youth in Cape Town, South Africa 196
2007 Jeremy Seekings Who holds power in post-apartheid South Africa? 195
2007 Jeremy Seekings Race, discrimination and diversity in South Africa 194
2007 Jeremy Seekings Deserving individuals and groups: Justifying the shape of South Africa’s welfare state 193
2007 Nicoli Nattrass Modelling the relationship between antiretroviral treatment and HIV prevention: The limits of Spectrum’s AIDS Impact Model in a changing policy environment 192