CSSR Working Papers

Year Author Title Number
2009 Timothy L. Mah and Brendan Maughan-Brown Social and Cultural Contexts of Concurrency in Khayelitsha 251
2009 Jan Schenk Quantifying Taste: Findings from a survey on media and taste among teenagers from six high schools in Cape Town 250
2009 Rachel Li Growing up on HAART: The experiences and needs of HIV positive adolescents in care and treatment in the Western Cape Province of South Africa 249
2009 Joanne Wreford Adaptations, alterations and shifted strategies: the pragmatics of knowledge transfer in HIV and AIDS interventions in South Africa 248
2009 Nina Veenstra, Alan Whiteside, David Lalloo and Andrew Gibbs Unplanned ART treatment interruptions in Southern Africa: a literature review 247
2009 Dianna Kane Responding to Multi-Dimensional Poverty: Exploring the Impacts of Government, Community, and the Individual Resilience of HIV-positive Unemployed Mothers in Khayelitsha 246
2009 Hannah Lane Factors influencing the decision to voluntarily test for HIV: The perceived threats of being HIV positive 245
2009 Daniel Mackintosh The politicisation of HIV/AIDS in South Africa: Responses of the Treatment Action Campaign and South African government, 1994-2004 - A literature review 244
2009 Dianna Kane Multi-Dimensional Forms of Poverty Experienced by Unemployed HIV-positive Mothers Living in Khayelitsha 243
2009 Brendan Maughan-Brown Changes in HIV-related stigma among young adults in Cape Town, South Africa 242
2009 Eduard Grebe Leaders, networks and coalitions in the AIDS response: A comparison of Uganda and South Africa 241
2009 Atheendar Venkataramani, Brendan Maughan-Brown, Nicoli Nattrass & Jennifer Ruger Disability grants and individual and household welfare among HAART patients in South Africa 240
2008 Jeremy Seekings The Rise and Fall of the Weberian Analysis of Class in South Africa between 1949 and the early 1970s 239
2008 Jeremy Seekings The ILO and Social Protection in the Global South, 1919-2005 238
2008 Jeremy Seekings Beyond ‘Fluidity': Kinship and Households as Social Projects 237
2008 Nicoli Nattrass Government Leadership and ARV Provision in Developing Countries 236
2008 Rachel Bray The influences of AIDS-related morbidity and mortality on change in urban households: An ethnographic study 235
2008 Ariane De Lannoy Testing the impact of health, subjective life expectancy and interaction with peers and parents on educational expectations, using Cape Area Panel Survey Data 234
2008 Eric Schollar The Learning for Living Project 2000 – 2004: A book-based approach to the learning of language in South African primary schools 233
2008 David Neves The consequences of AIDS related illness and death on households in the Eastern Cape. 232
2008 René Brandt The mental health of people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa: A systematic review 231
2008 Ariane De Lannoy Exploring Concepts of Death and Subjective Life Expectancy: Understanding Young Adults’ Perceptions of (In)-vulnerability 230
2008 David Neves The impact of illness and death on migration back to the Eastern Cape. 229
2008 David Neves and Andries du Toit The dynamics of household formation and composition in the rural Eastern Cape. 228
2008 Walter Lindop Mutual Monitoring and HIV/AIDS: A case study of a Labour-Intensive SME 227
2008 Timothy Mah Concurrent Sexual Partnerships and HIV/AIDS among Youths in the Cape Metropolitan Area 226
2008 Timothy Mah Concurrent Sexual Partnerships and HIV Transmission in Khayelitsha, South Africa 225
2008 René Brandt Is it all chaos, loss and disruption? The narratives of poor, HIV-infected South African women 224
2008 Peter Schwardmann Microeconomic perspectives on risky sexual behaviour 223
2008 Eduard Grebe Transnational networks of influence in South African AIDS treatment activism 222