CSSR Working Papers

Year Author Title Number
2010 Singumbe Muyeba and Jeremy Seekings Inter-racial attitudes and interactions in racially-mixed low-income neighbourhoods in Cape Town, South Africa 275
2010 Tafara Ngwaru Is intimate partner violence associated with HIV among women in Zimbabwe? 274
2010 Keeletsang Heather Warren HIV and Male Circumcision in Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho: An Econometric Analysis 273
2010 Sarah Harper and Jeremy Seekings Claims on and Obligations to Kin in Cape Town, South Africa 272
2010 Hanne Jensen Haricharan ‘Let Me Be Quiet’: The Dilemma of HIV Disclosure 271
2010 Claire Allan Is the backlash against AIDS-specific funding justified? An examination of the health systems impacts of AIDS spending and a critical review of proposed alternative funding methods 270
2010 Benjamin Stanwix The Story of HIV/TB – The Terrible Twins 269
2010 Letsema Mbayi The Impact of a Pro-Male Circumcision (MC) Approach towards an HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy in Botswana 268
2010 Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon Stigmatization, Disclosure and the Social Space of the Camp: Reflections on ARV Provision to the Displaced in Northern Uganda 267
2009 Elizabeth Mills and Brendan Maughan-Brown Ties that Bind: HIV-Disclosure as Consequence and Catalyst of Stigma and Support in Households 266
2009 Brendan Maughan-Brown, Atheendar S. Venkataramani and Timothy L. Mah Concurrent sexual partnerships among individuals on HAART in South Africa: An opportunity for HIV prevention 265
2009 Feri Gwata Traditional male circumcision: What is its socio-cultural significance among young Xhosa men? 264
2009 Adam Cooper “Let us eat airtime”: youth identity and ‘xenophobic’ violence in a low-income neighbourhood in Cape Town 263
2009 Joanne Wreford Worlds Apart? Religious interpretations and witchcraft in interpretations and witchcraft in for HIV/AIDS in South Africa. 262
2009 Alexander Andrews The Dispensing Fee for Medications: The Negative Effects of Pricing Uncertainty on Pharmacy Practise in South Africa 261
2009 Joanne Wreford The pragmatics of knowledge transfer: an HIV/AIDS intervention with traditional health practitioners in South Africa 260
2009 Alizanne Collier Getting the whole story: How managerial perspectives on Antamina Mining Company’s environmental strategy can alter the received wisdom about the role of international NGOs in shaping policy 259
2009 Elizabeth Mills and Busisiwe Magazi From Rhetoric to Reality: An Empirical Appraisal of South Africa’s 2007-2011 HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan 258
2009 Nathan Geffen and Edwin Cameron The deadly hand of denial: Governance and politically-instigated AIDS denialism in South Africa 257
2009 Sara Cooper and Jane Harries ‘If I Could Properly Understand and Get the Right Information’: A Qualitative Study on the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs and Rights of HIV-positive Women 256
2009 Robert Mattes and Dangalira Mughogho The limited impacts of formal education on democratic citizenship in Africa 255
2009 Nicoli Nattrass and Gregg Gonsalves Economics and the Backlash against AIDS-Specific Funding 254
2009 Nicoli Nattrass Cultural obstacles to the rollout of antiretrovirals: language, region and the backlash against AIDS funding 253
2009 Elizabeth Mills, Marina Manuela de Paoli and Arne Backer Grønningsæter Love in the Time of AIDS: The Relational Gender Dynamics of Prevention, Testing and Treatment 252
2009 Timothy L. Mah and Brendan Maughan-Brown Social and Cultural Contexts of Concurrency in Khayelitsha 251
2009 Jan Schenk Quantifying Taste: Findings from a survey on media and taste among teenagers from six high schools in Cape Town 250
2009 Rachel Li Growing up on HAART: The experiences and needs of HIV positive adolescents in care and treatment in the Western Cape Province of South Africa 249
2009 Joanne Wreford Adaptations, alterations and shifted strategies: the pragmatics of knowledge transfer in HIV and AIDS interventions in South Africa 248
2009 Nina Veenstra, Alan Whiteside, David Lalloo and Andrew Gibbs Unplanned ART treatment interruptions in Southern Africa: a literature review 247
2009 Dianna Kane Responding to Multi-Dimensional Poverty: Exploring the Impacts of Government, Community, and the Individual Resilience of HIV-positive Unemployed Mothers in Khayelitsha 246