CSSR Working Papers

Year Author Title Number
2011 Singumbe Muyeba Privacy and the weakness of community: Poor post-apartheid urban neighbourhoods in Cape Town, South Africa 296
2011 Per Strand Making accountability work for the AIDS response 295
2011 Matthew MacDevette Needling the entitlement balloon: Assumptions, cost projections and flaws in the Centre for Global Development’s AIDSCost model 294
2011 Wadim Schreiner and Robert Mattes The possibilities of election campaigns as sites for political advocacy: South Africa in comparative perspective 293
2011 Robert Mattes The born frees: The prospects for generational change in post-apartheid South Africa 292
2011 Rebecca Hodes and Trude Holm Naimak Piloting ART in South Africa: the role of partnerships in the Western Cape’s provincial roll-out 291
2011 Rebecca Hodes and Anna Grimsrud The antiretroviral moratorium in the Free State Province of South Africa: Contributing factors and implications 290
2011 Kai Thaler Drivers of male perpetration of family and intimate partner violence in Cape Town 289
2011 Kai Thaler Weapons, violence and the perpetrator-victim nexus in South Africa 288
2010 Meredith Startz Income, school fees, and racial desegregation in post-Apartheid South Africa: Evidence from Cape Town public secondary schools 287
2010 Jeremy Seekings and Heidi Matisonn The continuing politics of basic income in South Africa 286
2010 Jeremy Seekings and Kai Thaler Socio-economic conditions, young men and violence in Cape Town 285
2010 Jan Schenk and Jeremy Seekings Locating generation X: Taste and identity in transitional South Africa 284
2010 Jeremy Seekings Race, class and inequality in the South African city 283
2010 Fidelis Hove Using cross country panel regression analysis to relook at the relationship between armed conflict and HIV prevalence in Africa 282
2010 Carolyn Logan and Robert Mattes Democratizing the measurement of democratic quality: Public attitude data and the evaluation of African political regimes 281
2010 Maria Jose Garcia Corbeira and Beatrice Conradie Nature-based tourism in the Agulhas Plain: A vehicle for integrated biodiversity conservation and sustainable economic development 280
2010 Anthony Black Tilting the playing field: Labour absorbing growth and the role of industrial policy 279
2010 Beatrice Conradie Farmers’ views of landscape initiatives: The case of the Agulhas Plain, CFR 278
2010 Joel D. Barkan, Robert Mattes, Shaheen Mozaffar, and Kimberly Smiddy The African Legislatures Project: First Findings 277
2010 Nicoli Nattrass and Jeremy Seekings The Economy and Poverty in the Twentieth Century in South Africa 276
2010 Singumbe Muyeba and Jeremy Seekings Inter-racial attitudes and interactions in racially-mixed low-income neighbourhoods in Cape Town, South Africa 275
2010 Tafara Ngwaru Is intimate partner violence associated with HIV among women in Zimbabwe? 274
2010 Keeletsang Heather Warren HIV and Male Circumcision in Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho: An Econometric Analysis 273
2010 Sarah Harper and Jeremy Seekings Claims on and Obligations to Kin in Cape Town, South Africa 272
2010 Hanne Jensen Haricharan ‘Let Me Be Quiet’: The Dilemma of HIV Disclosure 271
2010 Claire Allan Is the backlash against AIDS-specific funding justified? An examination of the health systems impacts of AIDS spending and a critical review of proposed alternative funding methods 270
2010 Benjamin Stanwix The Story of HIV/TB – The Terrible Twins 269
2010 Letsema Mbayi The Impact of a Pro-Male Circumcision (MC) Approach towards an HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy in Botswana 268
2010 Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon Stigmatization, Disclosure and the Social Space of the Camp: Reflections on ARV Provision to the Displaced in Northern Uganda 267