CSSR Working Papers

Year Author Title Number
2014 Samuel Telzak Trouble ahead, trouble behind: perceptions of social mobility and economic inequality in Mount Frere, Eastern Cape and Newcastle, 326
2013 Nicoli Nattrass MDG6: AIDS and the Moral Economy of International Health Policy 325
2013 Nicoli Nattrass and Beatrice Conradie Jackal Narratives and Predator Control in the Karoo, South Africa 324
2013 Nicoli Nattrass and Jeremy Seekings Job destruction in the South African clothing industry: How an unholy alliance of organised labour, the state and some firms is undermining labour-intensive growth 323
2014 Jennifer Schwendeman Gendered Educational Participation and Attainment in South Africa 322
2013 Jeremy Seekings Democracy, Poverty and Inclusive Growth in South Africa since 1994 321
2013 Alex Bailey & Beatrice Conradie The Effect of Predator Culling on Livestock Losses: Caracal Control in Cooper Hunting Club, 1976 - 1981 320
2013 Beatrice Conradie and Jenifer Piesse The Effect of Predator Culling on Livestock Losses: Ceres, South Africa, 1979 – 1987 319
2012 Catherine Jury and Nicoli Nattrass Parental Presence and the Impact of Antiretroviral Treatment on Household Composition in Khayelitsha 318
2012 Nicholas Owsley The Occupy Movement: A Polanyian Analysis of Contemporary Dissent 317
2012 Amy Thom and Beatrice Conradie Promoting Urban Agriculture for Development: Suggestions for Designing the ‘Ideal’ Social Enterprise Box Scheme in Cape Town 316
2012 Samuel C. Telzak The Tithes of Apartheid: Perceptions of Social Mobility Among Black Individuals in Cape Town, South Africa 315
2012 Elizabeth Vale ‘I know this person. Why must I go to him?’ Techniques of Authority Among Community Health Workers in Cape Town 314
2012 Elizabeth Vale ‘Looking for greener pastures’: Locating Care in the Life Histories of Community Health Workers 313
2012 Elizabeth Vale ‘You must make a plan or [...] some story’: Community Health Workers’ Re- appropriation of the Care Manual 312
2012 Zoë Gauld ‘The Doctor Is In’: An Exploration of the Role of Affirmative Action in Medical School Admissions Policies in Addressing Geographic and Demographic Maldistribution of Physicians 311
2012 Amy Thom and Beatrice Conradie Urban Agriculture, Social Enterprise and Box Schemes in Cape Town 310
2012 Nicoli Nattrass and Jeremy Seekings Institutions, Wage Differentiation and the Structure of Employment in South Africa 309
2012 Chris Desmond Priority setting and HIV/AIDS: Formulas and Processes 308
2012 Nicoli Nattrass and Jeremy Seekings Differentiation within the South African Clothing Industry: Implications for Wage Setting and Employment 307
2012 Duncan Pieterse Exposure to violence and educational outcomes: evidence from Cape Town, South Africa 306
2012 Nicholas Kerr Perceptions versus Reality: Assessing Popular Evaluations of Election Quality in Africa 305
2012 Harriet Deacon and Kirsten Thomson The Social Penis. Traditional Male Circumcision and Initiation in Southern Africa, 1800-2000: A Literature Review 304
2012 Kai Thaler The Utility of Mixed Methods in the Study of Violence 303
2012 Kai Thaler Norms about intimate partner violence among urban South Africans: A quantitative and qualitative vignette analysis 302
2012 Jacquilene Marshall How does being a student in a tertiary educational institution influence condom use in the Western Cape? 301
2011 Paul L. Cichello, Colin Almeleh, Liberty Mncube, and Morne Oosthuizen Perceived Barriers to Entry into Self-employment in Khayelitsha, South Africa: Crime, Risk, and Start-up Capital Dominate Profit Concerns 300
2011 Ian Glenn and Robert Mattes Political Communication in Post-Apartheid South Africa 299
2011 Rebecca Hodes The Making of South Africa’s Sexual Offences Act (2007): Structure and Agency in a Women's Rights Coalition 298
2011 Matthew MacDevette Disease burden, proportionality and the AIDS funding debate – Towards clarity on whether the world is spending ‘too much’ on HIV/AIDS 297