CSSR Working Papers

Year Author Title Number
2002 Nicoli Nattrass AIDS Growth and Distribution in South Africa 007
2002 Jeremy Seekings The Uneven Development of Quantitative Social Science in South Africa 006
2002 Carolyn Kennedy From the Coalface: A Study of the Response of a South African Colliery to the Threat of Aids 005
2001 Jolene Skordis and Nicoli Nattrass Paying to Waste Lives: The Affordability of Reducing Mother-to-Child Transmission 004
2001 Veni Naidu The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Macro Market Environment 003
2001 Donald Skinner How do the Youth in Two Communities make Decisions about Using condoms? 002
2001 Nicoli Nattrass Ethics, Economics and AIDS Policy in South Africa 001
2015 Kader R., Seedat S., Govender R., Koch R., & Parry C Understanding the impact of hazardous and harmful use of alcohol and/or other drugs on ARV adherence and disease progression.
2015 Hodes, R. Kink and the colony: sexual deviance in the medical history of South Africa c. 1893-1939
2015 Hodes, R, Schumaker Lyn Science and Scandal: An Introduction
2015 Geffen N, Aagaard P; Gorbellie GM; Meulbroek M; Peavy D; Rappoport C; Schwarze S; Collins Simon Community perspective on the INSIGHT strategic timing of antiretroviral treatment (START) trial
2015 Figueredo AJ, Cabeza de Baca T, Black CJ , García RA , Fernandes HB , Wolf PS , Woodley of Menie MA, Methodologically sound: evaluating the psychometric approach to the assessment of human life history [reply to Copping Campbell and Muncer 2014 ]
2015 Cluver, L, R. Hodes, L. Sherr, F. M. Orkin, F. Meinck, P. Lim ah Ken, N. Winder-Rossi, J. Wolfe, M. Vicari, Social Protection: Potential for improving HIV outcomes among adolescents
2015 Cluver L, Hodes R, Toska Elona, Kidia Khameer, Sex and secrecy: how HIV status disclosure affects safe sex among HIV – positive adolescents.
2015 Conradie, B.I., Landman, A.M. Wool versus mutton in extensive grazing areas.
2015 Bowen, P., Govender, R., Edwards, P. & Cattell, K. Factors determining South African construction workers' prejudice towards and discrimination against HIV+ persons
2015 Bowen, P., Govender, R., Edwards, P. & Cattell, K. HIV testing of construction workers in the Western Cape, South Africa
2014 Jeremy Seekings Taking disadvantage seriously: The "underclass" in post-apartheid South Africa
2014 Simon Collins and Nathan Geffen Community views: balancing the public health benefits of earlier antiretroviral treatment with the implications for individual patients – perspectives from the community