CSSR Working Papers

Year Author Title Number
2017 Gabrielle Kelly Ways of Coping: how medical doctors manage their work within the social security system in South Africa 405
2017 Kirsty Button, Elena Moore and Jeremy Seekings South Africa’s Hybrid Care Regime: The changing and contested roles of individuals, families and the state after apartheid 404
2017 Hangala Siachiwena Social policy reform in Zambia under President Lungu, 2015-2017 403
2017 Elona Toska, Lucie D. Cluver, Marija Pantelic, and Rebecca Hodes To know or not to know? HIV-status disclosure and protective sexual practices among adolescent girls and boys in South Africa 402
2017 Rebecca Hodes Too many rights? Reproductive freedom in post-apartheid South Africa 401
2017 Kirsty Button The impact of intergenerational negotiations and power dynamics on the burden of care experienced by low- income grandmothers 400
2017 Nicoli Nattrass, Beatrice Conradie, Marine Drouilly, M. Justin O'Riain Understanding the black-backed jackal 399
2017 Nicoli Nattrass, Beatrice Conradie, Marine Drouilly, M. Justin O'Riain A brief history of predators, sheep farmers and government in the Western Cape, South Africa 398
2016 Jeremy Seekings The quality of South African wage data: accounting for deductions, debt and disclosure 397
2016 Abigail Kabandula and Jeremy Seekings Donor influence, the Minister of Finance and welfare policy reform in Zambia, 2003-11 395
2016 Jeremy Seekings The Introduction of Old Age Pensions in Zanzibar 393
2016 Ralph A. Ssebagala Just Not What the Doctor Ordered: Poor Health as a Precursor to Consumer Debt Distress in South Africa 391
2016 Stanford Mahati, Elena Moore, Jeremy Seekings Practices and discourses of fathering among middle class West African fathers in South Africa 390
2016 Jeremy Seekings ‘Affordability’ and the political economy of social protection in contemporary Africa 389
2016 Jeremy Seekings Building a conservative welfare state in Botswana 388
2016 Jeremy Seekings “A lean cow cannot climb out of the mud, but a good cattleman does not leave it to perish”: The origins of a conservative welfare doctrine in Botswana under Seretse Khama, 1966-1980 387
2016 Elena Moore “My husband has to stop beating me and I shouldn’t go to the police”: Woman Abuse, Family Meetings and Relations of Authority 386
2016 Nicole Miriam Daniels Relational Masculinities and the Gendered values of men in homebirths 385
2016 Gabrielle Kelly Hard and soft medicine: Doctors’ framing and application of the disability category in their assessments of grant claimants’ fitness to work in South Africa 384
2016 Gabrielle Kelly “We want another doctor!” Citizen agency and contested notions of disability in social assistance applications in South Africa 383
2016 Rebecca Hodes and Robert Morrell South African Social Science in the Global HIV/AIDS Knowledge Domain 382
2016 Robert Morrell and Lindsay Clowes The Emergence of Gender Scholarship in South Africa – reflections on Southern Theory 381
2016 Hangala Siachiwena Social protection policy reform in Zambia during the Sata presidency, 2011-2014 380
2016 Jeremy Seekings Redefining the ‘affordability’ of social assistance programmes: The Child Support Grant in South Africa, 1998-2014 379
2016 Jeremy Seekings Drought Relief and the Origins of a Conservative Welfare State in Botswana, 1965-1980 378
2016 Marianne S. Ulriksen The development of social protection policies in Tanzania, 2000-2015 377
2016 Wesley Maraire Cape Town Clothing Workers’ Attitudes Towards Key Aspects of and Alternatives to Regulation by the Bargaining Council 376
2016 Jeremy Seekings Minimum wage-setting by the Employment Conditions Commission in South Africa, 1999-2015 375
2016 Jeremy Seekings Trade unions and the redesign of South Africa’s minimum wage-setting institutions in the 1990s 374
2016 Isaac Chinyoka and Jeremy Seekings Social policy reform under the Government of National Unity in Zimbabwe, 2009-13 373