Journal articles by CSSR researchers

Year Author Title Journal Unit
2013 Elena Moore Transmission and Change in South African Motherhood:Black Mothers in Three Generational Cape Town Families Journal of Southern African Studies SSU
2013 Rehana Kader,S.Seedat, Rajen Govender, J.R.Koch and C.D.Parry Hazardous and Harmful use of Alcohol and / or Other Drugs and Health Status Among South African Patients Attending HIV Clinics AIDS and Behaviour ASRU
2013 Catherine Jury and Nicoli Nattrass Parental presence within households and the impact of antiretroviral therapy in Khayelitsha,Cape Town Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine ASRU
2013 Robyn,Human,Kevin GF Thomas,Anna Dreyer,Alysaa R. Amod,Pedro Wolf and W. Jake Jacobs Acute psychosocial stress enhances visuospatial in healthy males Southern African Journal of Psychology SSU
2013 Elizabeth Gummerson and Daniel Schneider Eat,Drink,Man,Woman:Gender,Income Share and Household Expenditure in South Africa Social Forces SSU
2013 Elizabeth Gummerson,Brendan Maughan-Brown and Atheendar Venkataramani Who is taking up voluntary medical male circumcision?Early Evidence from Tanzania AIDS SSU
2013 Nathan Geffen World Health Organization guidelines should not change the CD4 count threshold for antiretroviral therapy initiation Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine ASRU
2013 Garcia M and Beatrice Conradie Fynbos biodiversity less valuable than previously thought:An individual travel cost model of tourism for the Agulhas Plain,CFR,with implications for valuing terrstrial biodiversity South African Journal of Economics and Management Studies SSU
2013 Di Cooper, Elena Moore and J. Mantell Renegotiating intimate relationships with men: How HIV shapes attitudes and experiences of marriage for South African women living with HIV Acta Juridica SSU
2013 Conradie,Beatrice,M.Treurnicht,K.Esler and M.Gaertner Derteminants of participation in a landscape-scale conservation initiative on the Agulhas Plain,Cape Floristic Region Biological Conservation SSU
2013 Conradie, B., Winter, K., Piesse, J., Thirtle, C. and Vink, N Explaining declining agricultural total factor productivity in the Karoo districts of the Western Cape, 1952 to 2002 Agrekon SSU
2012 Catherine L.Ward, Lillian Artz, Julie Berg, Floretta Boonzaier, Sarah Crawford-Browne, Andrew Dawes, Donald Foster, Richard Matzopoulus, Andrew Nicol, Jeremy Seekings, Sebastian van As, and Elrena van der Spuy Violence,violence prevention, and safety: A research agenda for South Africa South African Medical Journal
2012 Jeremy Seekings The Emerging Politics of Social Assistance across the Global "South" Journal fur Entwicklungspolitik(Austrian Journal of Development Studies)
2012 Gemma Oberth Who Governs Public Health? Donor Retreat and the Shifting Spheres of Influence in Southern African HIV/AIDS Policy Making Sociology Study SSU
2012 Elena Moore Divorce and Intergenerational Support: Comparing the Perceptions of Divorced Adults and Their Parents Journal of Comparative Family Studies
2012 Elena,Moore From Traditional to Companionate Marriages: Women's changing expereince of divorce Families,Relationships and Life Course
2012 Elena Moore Renegotiating Roles Post-Divorce: A decisive break from tradition? Journal of Divorce and Remarriage SSU
2012 Elena Moore Paternal Banking and Maternal Gatekeeping: Gendered Practises in Post-divorce Families Journal of Family Issues SSU
2012 Amy Nunn,Samuel Dickman,Nicoli Nattrass,Alexandra Cornwall and Sofia Gruskin The impacts of AIDS movements on the policy responses to HIV/AIDS in Brazil and South Africa: A Comparative analysis Global Public Health ASRU
2012 Nicoli Nattrass Understanding the origins and prevalence of AIDS conspiracy beliefs in the United States and Soth Africa Sociology of Health and Illness ASRU
2012 Singumbe Muyeba and Jeremy Seekings Slum Dwellers to Freeholders: Homeownership and Neighbourly Relations in Poor Post-Apartheid Urban Neighbourhoods of Cape Town South African Review of Sociology SSU
2012 Robert Mattes and Thierry Luescher-Mamashela The Roles of Higher Education in the Democratization of Politics in Africa: Survey Reports from HERANA Journal of Higher Education in Africa DARU
2012 Robert Mattes The "Born Frees": The Prospects for Generational Change In Post-Apartheid South Africa Australian Journal of Political Science DARU
2012 Carolyn Logan and Robert Mattes Democratizing the Measurement of the Quality of Democracy: Public Opinion Data and the Evaluation of African Political Regimes European Political Science
2012 Hoffman,M.,Coetzee,D.,Rebecca Hodes, and Leslie London From Comprehensive Medicine to Public Health at the University of Cape Town: A 40 year old journey South African Medical Journal
2012 Rebecca Hodes Investigating AIDS Conspiracies: The critical value of postmodernism Science and Culture
2012 Sarah Harper The Fungibility of Aid Earmarked for HIV/AIDS Control Programs World Development
2012 Kevin Donovan Mobile Money more Freedom? The Impact of M-PESA's Network Power on Development as Freedom International Journal of Communications
2012 Beatrice Conradie Are hunting clubs the solution to small stock depredation?The cases of Ceres,1979 and 1980 Agrekon SSU
2012 Annabelle Wienand Potraits,Publics and Politics:Gisele Wulfsohn's photographs of HIV/AIDS,1987-2007 Kronos -Special Issue on Documantary Photography in South Africa ASRU