Journal articles by CSSR researchers

Year Author Title Journal Unit
2014 Rebecca Hodes Ancestors and Antiretrovirals: The Biopolitics of HIV/AIDS in Post-Apartheid South Africa and Breaking the Silence: South African Representations of HIV/AIDS: Review African Affairs ASRU
2014 C. Schulz Herzenberg The implications of social context partisan homogeneity for voting behavior: survey evidence from South Africa Journal of Southern African Studies DARU
2014 Nattrass, N Millennium Development Goal 6: AIDS and the International Health Agenda Journal of Human Development and Capabilities ASRU
2014 Nattrass, N. and J. Seekings Job Destruction in Newcastle: Minimum Wage Setting and Low-Wage Employment in the South African Clothing Industry Transformation ASRU
2014 Nattrass, N Meeting the Challenge of Unemployment? The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science ASRU
2014 Nattrass, N A South African Variety of Capitalism New Political Economy ASRU
2014 Wienand, Annabelle &Santu Mofokeng Alternative Ways of Seeing (1996-2013) The Journal of South African and American Studies ASRU
2014 Geffen, N., Robinson M., Venter, F. and Low, M One size doesn’t fit all: Tailoring adult antiretroviral treatment South African Journal of HIV Medicine ASRU
2014 Bowen, P., Govender, R., and Edwards, P. Structural Equation Modeling of Occupational Stress in the Construction Industry Journal of Construction Engineering and Management SSU
2014 Kader, R., Seedat, S., Govender, R., Koch, JR., Parry, CH. Hazardous and harmful use of alcohol and/or other drugs and health status among South African patients attending HIV clinics Aids and Behaviour, SSU
2014 Myers, B., Petersen, Z., Kader, R., Koch, R., Manderscheid, R, Govender, R., Parry, CH. Identifying perceived barriers to monitoring service quality among substance abuse treatment providers in South Africa BMC Psychiatry SSU
2014 Jeremy Seekings Taking disadvantage seriously: The "underclass" in post-apartheid South Africa Africa SSU
2014 Jeremy Seekings The social and political implications of demographic change in post-apartheid South Africa Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences
2014 Simon Collins and Nathan Geffen Community views: balancing the public health benefits of earlier antiretroviral treatment with the implications for individual patients – perspectives from the community Current Opinion on HIV/AIDS
2013 Rebecca Hodes The Medical History of Abortion in South Africa, c. Journal of Southern African Studies ASRU
2013 Cameron, R.G. and Milne Size, efficiency and local democracy in South Africa: a preliminary assessment. African journal of public affairs African journal of public affairs DARU
2013 Mattes,R.B Systematic, quantitative political science in South Africa: the road less travelled. Politikon DARU
2013 Conradie, B.I., Piesse, J. The effect of predator culling on livestock losses: Ceres, South Africa, 1979 – 1987 African Journal of Agriculture and Resource Economics SSU
2013 Garcia, M., Conradie, B. An estimate of the recreational value of the Agulhas Plain, South Africa, with special reference to the value of plant biodiversity. South African Journal of Economics and Management Studies SSU
2013 Nathan Geffen South Africans are living longer: Antiretroviral treatment vindicated HIV Treatment Bulletin ASRU
2013 Wolf Pedro, Aurelio J. Figueredo and W. Jakes Jacobs Global positioning system technology (GPS) for psychological research: A test of convergent and nomological validity Frontiers in psychology SSU
2013 Annabelle Wienand David Goldblatt: In times of AIDS De Arte ASRU
2013 Amy Thom and Beatrice Conradie Urban Agriculture's enterprise potential:Exploring vegatable box schemes in Cape Town Agrekon SSU
2013 Carlos Shenga Enhancing Executive -Legislative Accountability in Mozambique Africa Peace and Conflict Journal DARU
2013 Carlos Shenga Legaslative Institutionalization in Mozambique: A Comparative Analysis of Three Legislatures Africa Peace and Conflict Journal DARU
2013 Jeremy Seekings Is the South Brazilian?The public realm in urban Brazil through a comparative lens Policy and Politics SSU
2013 Nicoli Nattrass A South African Variety of Capitalism? New Political Economy ASRU
2013 Nicoli Nattrass US Foreign Aid and the African AIDS epidemic Yale Journal of International Affairs ASRU
2013 Nicoli Nattrass Understanding the origins and prevalence of AIDS conspirancy beliefs in the United States and South Africa Sociology of Health and Illness ASRU
2013 Elena Moore and Rajen Govender Marriage and Cohabitation in South Africa:An enriching explanation Journal of Comparative Family Studies SSU