Research Publications

Year Author Title Publication type
2015 Jeremy Seekings State capacity and the construction of pro-poor welfare states in the ‘developing’ world Working paper
2015 Jeremy Seekings The ‘Developmental’ and ‘Welfare’ State in South Africa: Lessons for the Southern African Region Working paper
2015 Mia Granvik Policy Diffusion, Domestic Politics and Social Protection in Lesotho, 1998 – 2012 Working paper
2015 Beatrice Conradie The Koup fencing project: Community-led job creation in the Karoo. (Forthcoming) Journal article
2015 Beatrice Conradie Jackal Narratives: The politics and science of predator control in the Western Cape, South Africa. (Forthcoming) Journal article
2015 Beatrice Conradie Productivity benchmarking of free-range sheep operations: Technical efficiency, correlates of productivity and dominant technology variants for Laingsburg, South Africa. (Forthcoming) Journal article
2015 Rebecca Hodes HIV on Documentary Television in Post-Apartheid South Africa Chapter in book
2015 Robert Mattes, William Liddle, Tianjian Shi, Yun-han Chu and Saiful Munjani Voters, Parties, Elections and Democracy(Forthcoming) Chapter in book
2015 Robert Mattes South Africa’s Emerging Black Middle Class: A Harbinger of Political Change?” (Forthcoming) Journal article
2015 Lucie D. Cluvera, Rebecca J. Hodes , Elona Toska , Khameer K. Kidiad , F. Mark Orkina, Lorraine Sherrf and Franziska Meincka ‘HIV is like a tsotsi. ARVs are your guns’: associations between HIV-disclosure and adherence to antiretroviral treatment among adolescents in South Africa Journal article
2015 Jeremy Seekings The Social Consequences of Class Formation among Black South Africans in the 2000s: Evidence from the South African Reconciliation Barometer Working paper
2014 Schulz-Herzenberg, Collette The Influence of the Social Context on South African Voters Journal article
2014 Martin A,K & K.P Donovan New Surveillance Technologies and Their Publics: A case of Biometrics Journal article
2014 K,Donovan The Rise of African SIM Registration: The Emerging Dynamics of Regulatory Change Journal article
2014 K,Donovan 'Development' as if We Have Never Been Modern: Fragments of a Latourian Development Studies Journal article
2014 J Seekings The Social Implications of Demographic Change in Post-Apartheid South Africa Chapter in book
2014 Nicoli Nattrass Meeting the Challenge of Unemployement Chapter in book
2015 Nicoli Nattrass and Jeremy Seekings Should and can labour-surplus, middle-income economies pursue labour-intensive growth? The South African Challenge Working paper
2015 Jeremy Seekings Continuity and Change in the South African Class Structure Since the End of Apartheid Working paper
2015 Nicole Miriam Daniels “You couldn’t ask for more really”: A relational perspective of doing and un-doing jointness using individual alongside couple interviews of home birth Working paper
2014 Eduard Grebe and John Bosco Mubiru Development and social policy reform in Uganda: The slow emergence of a social protection agenda (1986-2014) Working paper
2014 Eduard Grebe Donor agenda-setting, bureaucratic advocacy and cash transfers in Uganda (2002-2013) Working paper
2014 Nicoli Nattrass Macro-economic visions and the labour-market question Chapter in book
2014 Nicoli Nattrass Deconstructing Profitability under Apartheid: 1960–1989 Journal article
2015 Elena Moore Delaying Divorce: Pitfalls of Restrictive Divorce Requirements Journal article
2015 Ingrid Palmary, Stanford Mahati Using deconstructing developmental psychology to read child migrants to South Africa Journal article
2015 Elena Moore and Chuma Himonga Protection of Women’s Marital Property Rights upon the Dissolution of a Customary Marriage in South Africa: A View from Inside and Outside the Courts Working paper
2014 Elena Moore Forms of Femininity at the End of a Customary Marriage Working paper
2014 Eduard Grebe and Marcus Low Transnational mobilisation on access to medicines: The global movement around the imatinib mesylate case and its roots in the AIDS movement Working paper
2014 Singumbe Muyeba Effects of privatisation of low-cost public rental housing in Matero, Lusaka Working paper