Chapters by CSSR researchers

Year Author Title Editor(s) Book title
2013 Robert Mattes Asocial Cohesion: Political Community and Social Capital in Africa's Democratizing Societies Harlan Koff Regional Integration and Social Cohesion:Pespectives from the Developing World
2013 Robert Mattes and Carlos Shenga Uncritical Citizenship in a Low-Information Society:Mozambicans in Comparative Pespective Michael Bratton Voting and Democratic Citizenship in Africa
2013 Ari Greenberg and Robert Mattes Electoral Outcomes and Democratic Health in Africa Michael Bratton Voting and Democratic Citizenship in Africa
2012 Jeremy Seekings and Heidi Matisonn The Continuing Politics of Basic Income in South Africa Matthew Murray and Carole Pateman Basic Income World Wide: Horizons of Reform: Basic Income Solutions around the World
2012 Wadim Schreiner and Robert Mattes The Possibilities of Election Campaigns As Sites of Political Advocacy: South Africa In Comparative Perspective Heather Thuynsma Public Opinion and Interest Group Politics: South Africa's Missing Links?
2012 Jan Schenk and Jeremy Seekings Locating Generation X:Taste and Identity in Transitional South Africa Christine Henseler Generation X Goes Global: Mapping a Youth Culture in Motion
2012 Robert Mattes and Ian Glenn Political Communications in Post-Apartheid South Africa Holli Semetko and Margaret Scammell The Sage Handbook of Political Communication
2012 Kevin Donovan Mobile Money for Financial Inclusion T.Kelly and M.Minges Information and Communication for Development
2012 Robert Mattes Opinion Polls and the Media in South Africa Christina Holtz-Bacha and Jasper Stromback Opinion Polls and the Media: Reflecting and Shaping Public Opinion
2010 Eduard Grebe Contingency, contestation and hegemony: The possibility of a non-essentialist politics of the left Mike O'Donnell Structure and Agency
2010 Jeremy Seekings The ILO and Welfare Reform in South Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, 1919-1950 Jasmien Van Daele, Magaly Rodríguez García, Geert Van Goethem, and Marcel van der Linden ILO Histories
2010 Joanne Wreford Loosening the Bonds of Historical Prejudice: Traditional Practitioners as Agents of Reconciliation and Change in Contemporary South Africa Anne Digby, Waltraud Ernst and Projit B. Muhkarji Crossing Colonial Historiographies: Histories of Colonial and Indigenous Medicines in Transnational Perspective
2010 Chitja Twala and Jeremy Seekings Activist networks and political protest in the Free State, 1983–1990 The Road to Democracy in South Africa, Volume 4, 1980–1990
2010 Jeremy Seekings The origins of national organisation among civic organisations in South Africa, 1979–1990 The Road to Democracy in South Africa, Volume 4, 1980–1990
2010 Jeremy Seekings The United Democratic Front in Cape Town, 1983–1986 The Road to Democracy in South Africa, Volume 4, 1980–1990
2010 Jeremy Seekings Racial and Class Discrimination in Assessments of Desert in Post-Apartheid Cape Town Miguel Angel Centeno and Katherine S. Newman Discrimination in an Unequal World
2010 Raphael Kaplinsky, Mike Morris and Dorothy McCormick Impacts and Challenges of a Growing Relationship between China and Sub-Saharan Africa Vishnu Padayachee The Political Economy of Africa
2010 David Kaplan Science and Technology Policy in South Africa: A Critical Assessment of Past Performance and of Proposed Future Directions Xiaolan Fu and Luc Soete The Rise of Technological Power in the South
2010 Rebecca Hodes 'It's a beautiful struggle': Siyayinqoba/Beat It! and the HIV/AIDS treatment struggle on South African television William Beinart and Marcelle C Dawson Popular Politics and Resistance Movements in South Africa
Aurelio Jose Figueredo,Sally Gayle Olderbak,Gabriel Lee Schlomer,Rafael Antonio Garcia and Pedro Wolf Program Evaluation:Principles,Procedures and Practises The Oxford Handbook of Quantitative Methods