Books by CSSR researchers

Year Author Editor(s) Title Publisher Unit
2016 David Denemark, Robert Mattes and Richard Niemi David Denemark, Robert Mattes and Richard Niemi Growing Up Democratic: Does It Make A Difference? Lynne Rienner Publishers DARU
2015 Himonga, C Moore, E Reform of Customary Marriage, Divorce and Succession in South Africa: Living Customary Law and Social Realities JUTA FaSRU
2015 Seekings, J, Nicoli Nattrass and Nicoli Kasper Poverty, Policy and Politics in South Africa London: Palgrave Macmillan. CSSR General
2014 Rebecca Hodes Broadcasting the Pandemic: A History of HIV on South African Television Human Sciences Research Council Press ASRU
2014 Nattrass, N. and V. Varma. Macroeconomics Simplified: An Introduction to Keynesian and Neo-Classical Macroeconomic Systems SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd ASRU
2012 Nicoli Nattrass The AIDS Conspiracy: Science Fights Back Columbia University Press
2008 Jo Wreford 'Working with spirit': Experiencing Izingoma healing in contemporary South Africa Berghahn Books ASRU
2007 Nicoli Nattrass Mortal Combat: AIDS denialism and the struggle for antiretrovirals in South Africa University of KwaZulu-Natal Press ASRU
2005 Jeremy Seekings & Nicoli Nattrass Class, Race, and Inequality in South Africa Yale University Press ASRU, SSU
2004 Nicoli Nattrass The Moral Economy of AIDS in South Africa Cambridge University Press ASRU