Families and Societies Research Unit (FaSRU)

FaSRU is a new research unit that examines households, families and kinship from an inter-disciplinary perspective. The ‘family’ in South and Southern Africa is an institution undergoing rapid change, with implications for the distribution of income and access to livelihoods, care-giving, child-raising and health, intimacy and well-being, and social and political attitudes and behaviour. The new unit promotes research that links economic and social aspects of families and households and employs mixed methods combining qualitative and quantitative research. The unit aims to become a hub for research in the field of families, kinships and households in South and sub-Saharan Africa. In doing so, it will strive to develop collaborative research projects with colleagues across The University of Cape Town and elsewhere. It will act as a resource for researchers in universities and NGOs through our seminars, conferences, publications. In doing so, we hope the new Unit will develop new directions in theorising contemporary family and personal life in South and sub-Saharan Africa.

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