DARU Publications

Year Author Title Publication type
2013 Ari Greenberg and Robert Mattes Electoral Outcomes and Democratic Health in Africa Chapter in book
2012 Nicholas Kerr Perceptions versus Reality: Assessing Popular Evaluations of Election Quality in Africa Working paper
2011 Ian Glenn and Robert Mattes Political Communication in Post-Apartheid South Africa Working paper
2011 Per Strand Making accountability work for the AIDS response Working paper
2011 Wadim Schreiner and Robert Mattes The possibilities of election campaigns as sites for political advocacy: South Africa in comparative perspective Working paper
2011 Robert Mattes The born frees: The prospects for generational change in post-apartheid South Africa Working paper
2010 Robert Mattes and Namhla Mniki Restless minds: South African students and the brain drain Chapter in book
2010 Audrey Sacks and Margaret Levi Measuring government effectiveness and its consequences for social welfare in Sub-Saharan African countries Journal article
2010 Robert Mattes Controlling power – Africans’ views on governance, citizenship and accountability Chapter in book
2010 Joel D. Barkan, Robert Mattes, Shaheen Mozaffar, and Kimberly Smiddy The African Legislatures Project: First Findings Working paper
2009 Joel D. Barkan Legislative Power in Emerging African Democracies Edited collection
2005 Jessica Piombo and Lia Nijzink Electoral politics in South Africa: Assessing the first democratic decade Edited collection
2009 Kimberly Smiddy and Daniel J. Young Presidential and parliamentary elections in Malawi, May 2009 Journal article
2009 Robert Mattes and Dangalira Mughogho The limited impacts of formal education on democratic citizenship in Africa Working paper
2006 Robert Cameron and Alicia Alvarez Metropolitization and Political Change in South Africa Chapter in book
2003 Robert Mattes and Anthony Leysens Southern Africa Chapter in book
2004 Michael Bratton and Robert Mattes Support for economic reform? Popular attitudes in southern Africa Chapter in book
2004 Michael Bratton and Robert Mattes What "The People" Say About Reforms Chapter in book
2004 Robert Mattes South Africa: Democracy without the people Chapter in book
2004 David A. McDonald, Lovemore Zinyama, John Gay, Fion de Vletter, and Robert Mattes Migration from Lesotho, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe to South Africa Chapter in book
2004 Alan Whiteside, Robert Mattes, Samantha Willan and Ryann Manning What people really believe about HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa Chapter in book
2002 Robert Mattes Towards An Understanding of African Identity Chapter in book
2002 Robert Mattes and Richard Calland Idasa's Democracy Index: Your Tool for Assessing the State of South Africa's Democracy Chapter in book
2002 Robert Mattes and Richard Calland The Purpose and Methodology of the Democracy Index Chapter in book
2001 Robert Mattes and Michael Bratton Data and Research: Assessing corruption in Southern Africa through the eyes of Southern Africans Chapter in book
2005 Gavin Davis Media Coverage in Election 2004:Were Some Parties More Equal Than Others? Chapter in book
2005 Robert Mattes Voter Information, Government Evaluations, and Party Images in the First Democratic Decade Chapter in book
2005 Robert Mattes and E. Gyimah-Boadi Ghana and South Africa Chapter in book
2005 Lia Nijzink and Jessica Piombo Parliament and the Electoral System: How Are South Africans Being Represented? Chapter in book
2005 Jessica Piombo The Results of Election 2004: Looking Back, Stepping Forward Chapter in book