ASRU Publications

Year Author Title Publication type
2011 Rebecca Hodes and Trude Holm Naimak Piloting ART in South Africa: the role of partnerships in the Western Cape’s provincial roll-out Working paper
2011 Rebecca Hodes and Anna Grimsrud The antiretroviral moratorium in the Free State Province of South Africa: Contributing factors and implications Working paper
2011 Eduard Grebe and Minka Woermann Institutions of Integrity and the Integrity of Institutions: Integrity and ethics in the politics of developmental leadership Research report
2011 Rebecca Hodes, Jennifer Thorpe and Orly Stern Structure and Agency in the Politics of a Women’s Rights Coalition in South Africa: The Making of the South African Sexual Offences Act, 2007 Research report
2010 Joanne Wreford Loosening the Bonds of Historical Prejudice: Traditional Practitioners as Agents of Reconciliation and Change in Contemporary South Africa Chapter in book
2010 Rebecca Hodes 'It's a beautiful struggle': Siyayinqoba/Beat It! and the HIV/AIDS treatment struggle on South African television Chapter in book
2010 Fidelis Hove Using cross country panel regression analysis to relook at the relationship between armed conflict and HIV prevalence in Africa Working paper
2010 Carolyn Logan and Robert Mattes Democratizing the measurement of democratic quality: Public attitude data and the evaluation of African political regimes Working paper
2010 Nicoli Nattrass Still Crazy After All These Years: The Challenge of AIDS Denialism for Science Journal article
2010 Eduard Grebe Negativity, Difference and Critique: The Ethical Moment in Complexity Chapter in book
2010 Tafara Ngwaru Is intimate partner violence associated with HIV among women in Zimbabwe? Working paper
2010 Peter Navario, Nicoli Nattrass et al. Special Report on the State of HIV/AIDS in South Africa Incidental paper
2010 Rebecca Hodes and Anna Grimsrud Causes and Implications of the 2008/2009 Antiretroviral Moratorium in the Free State province of South Africa Conference presentation
2010 Nicoli Nattrass and Eduard Grebe Prevalence and determinants of AIDS conspiracy and AIDS denialist beliefs and implications for risky sexual behaviour among young adults in Cape Town, South Africa Conference presentation
2010 Keeletsang Heather Warren HIV and Male Circumcision in Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho: An Econometric Analysis Working paper
2010 Rebecca Hodes Televising Treatment: The Political Struggle for Antiretrovirals on South African Television Journal article
2010 Hanne Jensen Haricharan ‘Let Me Be Quiet’: The Dilemma of HIV Disclosure Working paper
2010 Benjamin Stanwix The Story of HIV/TB – The Terrible Twins Working paper
2010 Claire Allan Is the backlash against AIDS-specific funding justified? An examination of the health systems impacts of AIDS spending and a critical review of proposed alternative funding methods Working paper
2009 H.B Jaspan, R. Li, L. Johnson and L-G. Bekker The emerging need for adolescent-focused HIV care in South Africa Journal article
2010 Letsema Mbayi The Impact of a Pro-Male Circumcision (MC) Approach towards an HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy in Botswana Working paper
2009 Rene Brandt Putting Mental Health on the Agenda for HIV+ Women: A Review of Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa Journal article
2010 Timothy L. Mah Prevalence and Correlates of Concurrent Sexual Partnerships Among Young People in South Africa Journal article
2010 Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon Stigmatization, Disclosure and the Social Space of the Camp: Reflections on ARV Provision to the Displaced in Northern Uganda Working paper
2010 Nathan Geffen Debunking Delusions: The Inside Story of the Treatment Action Campaign Book
2009 Nicoli Nattrass and Seth C. Kalichman The Politics and Psychology of AIDS Denialism Chapter in book
2009 Nicoli Nattrass AIDS Denialism versus Science Chapter in book
2009 Atheendar S. Venkataramani , Brendan Maughan-Brown, Nicoli Nattrass and Jennifer Prah Ruger Social Grants, Welfare, and the Incentive to Trade-Off Health for Income among Individuals on HAART in South Africa Journal article
2009 Joanne Wreford The pragmatics of knowledge transfer: an HIV/AIDS intervention with traditional health practitioners in South Africa Journal article
2009 Elizabeth Mills and Brendan Maughan-Brown Ties that Bind: HIV-Disclosure as Consequence and Catalyst of Stigma and Support in Households Working paper