ASRU Publications

Year Author Title Publication type
2014 Geffen, N., Robinson M., Venter, F. and Low, M One size doesn’t fit all: Tailoring adult antiretroviral treatment Journal article
2014 Nattrass, N The South African Variety of Capitalism’ Chapter in book
2014 Nattrass, N. and V. Varma. Macroeconomics Simplified: An Introduction to Keynesian and Neo-Classical Macroeconomic Systems Book
2012 Amy Nunn,Samuel Dickman,Nicoli Nattrass,Alexandra Cornwall and Sofia Gruskin The impacts of AIDS movements on the policy responses to HIV/AIDS in Brazil and South Africa: A Comparative analysis Journal article
2012 Nicoli Nattrass Understanding the origins and prevalence of AIDS conspiracy beliefs in the United States and Soth Africa Journal article
2013 G.Oberth and P.Tucker Count Us In:The need for more comprehensive global data on HIV/AIDS prevention,testing and knowledge among LGBT populations Chapter in book
2013 Nicoli Nattrass The South African Variety of Capitalism Chapter in book
2013 Nathan Geffen South Africans are living longer: Antiretroviral treatment vindicated Journal article
2012 Annabelle Wienand Potraits,Publics and Politics:Gisele Wulfsohn's photographs of HIV/AIDS,1987-2007 Journal article
2013 Annabelle Wienand David Goldblatt: In times of AIDS Journal article
2013 Nicoli Nattrass A South African Variety of Capitalism? Journal article
2013 Nicoli Nattrass US Foreign Aid and the African AIDS epidemic Journal article
2013 Nicoli Nattrass Understanding the origins and prevalence of AIDS conspirancy beliefs in the United States and South Africa Journal article
2013 Rehana Kader,S.Seedat, Rajen Govender, J.R.Koch and C.D.Parry Hazardous and Harmful use of Alcohol and / or Other Drugs and Health Status Among South African Patients Attending HIV Clinics Journal article
2013 Catherine Jury and Nicoli Nattrass Parental presence within households and the impact of antiretroviral therapy in Khayelitsha,Cape Town Journal article
2013 Nathan Geffen World Health Organization guidelines should not change the CD4 count threshold for antiretroviral therapy initiation Journal article
2012 Eduard Grebe Global advocacy in an era of resource constraints and shifting global priorities Incidental paper
2012 Chris Desmond Priority setting and HIV/AIDS: Formulas and Processes Working paper
2012 Sarah Harper The Fungibility of Aid Earmarked for HIV/AIDS Control Programs Journal article
2012 Harriet Deacon and Kirsten Thomson The Social Penis. Traditional Male Circumcision and Initiation in Southern Africa, 1800-2000: A Literature Review Working paper
2011 Paul L. Cichello, Colin Almeleh, Liberty Mncube, and Morne Oosthuizen Perceived Barriers to Entry into Self-employment in Khayelitsha, South Africa: Crime, Risk, and Start-up Capital Dominate Profit Concerns Working paper
2011 Brendan Maughan-Brown, Atheender Venkataramani, Nicoli Nattrass, Jeremy Seekings and Alan Whiteside A cut above the rest: Traditional Male Circumcision and HIV Risk Among Xhosa men in Cape Town, South Africa Journal article
2012 Jacquilene Marshall How does being a student in a tertiary educational institution influence condom use in the Western Cape? Working paper
2011 Rebecca Hodes The Making of South Africa’s Sexual Offences Act (2007): Structure and Agency in a Women's Rights Coalition Working paper
2011 Eduard Grebe Complexity and the human sciences: beyond reductionism and relativism Conference presentation
2010 Eduard Grebe Contingency, contestation and hegemony: The possibility of a non-essentialist politics of the left Chapter in book
2011 Eduard Grebe The Treatment Action Campaign's Struggle for AIDS Treatment in South Africa: Coalition-building Through Networks Journal article
2011 Matthew MacDevette Disease burden, proportionality and the AIDS funding debate – Towards clarity on whether the world is spending ‘too much’ on HIV/AIDS Working paper
2011 Matthew MacDevette Needling the entitlement balloon: Assumptions, cost projections and flaws in the Centre for Global Development’s AIDSCost model Working paper
2011 Eduard Grebe and Nicoli Nattrass AIDS Conspiracy Beliefs and Unsafe Sex in Cape Town Journal article