Constitution of Uganda

Resource Type: Constitutions
Year:  1995
This constitution is available in English.
Resource Type: Standing Orders
This document is available in English.
Legislative Power in Emerging African Democracies
Benin - Ghana - Kenya - Nigeria - South Africa - Uganda
Publication type: Books and Chapters
Year:  2009
Author(s):  Joel D. Barkan
A puzzle underpins this groundbreaking study of legislative development in Africa: Why are variations in the extent of legislative authority and performance across the continent only partially related, if at all, to the overall level of democratization? And if democratization is not the prime determinant of legislative authority, what is? Exploring the constraints that have retarded the development and power of legislatures across Africa—and how members of some legislatures are breaking free of those constraints—the authors shed new light on the impact of the legislative branch on the political process in six emerging African democracies.
ISBN:  978-1-58826-688-0 
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